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Business Facilitation Services

We understand entering into a new market is complicated for multinationals. It takes a lot of time to understand the diverse culture of India and the prevailing business laws and practices. At Gateway of India, we offer a wide range of productive and practical business support services to help foreign companies start and expand business operations in India.

We operate from our registered office in Pune, Maharashtra, India and work with a strong team of business consultants and strategic partners. Our hands-on business facilitation services help our clients in forming company, establishing a legal entity, setting up registered office, and marketing their products and services in India.

What we can do for you?

  • Sales and Marketing Office
  • We can assign our best strategy experts and experienced sales and marketing team to help your products/services reach the intended audience. By contracting with us for a minimum period of one year, you can put our office address as your marketing office for business correspondence.

  • Acting as a Marketing Agent
  • We can represent your company and act as a marketing agent to advertise your products/services. Our team of experienced sales and marketing professionals will create effective strategies and ensure the outcomes are as per your expectations.

  • Market Survey Report
  • An in-depth research and analysis of the market are important for the success of any project. We can present you a comprehensive report on the size of the market, competitors, trend, probable marketing strategy that can boost your business prospects.

Other services

  • Hotel, Travel, Bookings, Business Tour Planning
  • Exhibition, Seminar, Stall Booking
  • Office Site, Factory Site, Vendor Visits
  • Applying for Tenders, Collecting Forms, Documents, Samples, etc.
  • Representation for visits to Companies, Agents, Dealers, etc.
  • Accompanying you to meetings in a professional capacity
  • Any other professional business facilitation services to grow in India

We deliver value-added assistance to successfully establish and conduct business operations in India. With marketing expertise and professional business development services, we help our clients to tap into a target market of consumers.

Specialist marketing services

With aggressive marketing strategies, vast industry experience, and deep knowledge of Indian market, we offer our clients a high success rate from doing business in India. We cover all aspects of marketing communication services from advertising, sales promotion, social media, public relations essential for your business's success.

Let's talk at length about your business needs and embark on a profitable venture.

Business Support Services

  • Infrastructure Setup
  • You will need physical infrastructure such as a factory, plant, office, workshop, warehouse, building, machineries, etc. for business operations in India. When you authorize us, we can coordinate with the appointed agencies and take utmost responsibilities to monitor and execute the work for you as well as provide timely reports.

  • Manpower Setup
  • We provide innovative workforce solutions to our clients. From setting up an entire management team, staff, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workforce on a permanent or contractual basis, you can enjoy comprehensive workforce management services from us. We also provide free replacement of employees within 6 months.

  • Finding Probable Leads For Your Business
  • We can find and provide details of probable customers interested in buying your products/services with the help of a strong database of 75000 + that we have collected and built from various sources – offline, online, and live sources.

  • Finding Probable Business Clients
  • Once we are acquainted with your business needs, we will find, converse at length over the phone, and generate a list of probable business clients for you.

  • Marketing and Promotion
  • From marketing, promoting, and developing brand, we can offer you all the support through a digital medium, and physical marketing platform.